Before / After: The bathroom takes on a neo-rustic look!

Before / After: The bathroom takes on a neo-rustic look!

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Jenna Sue is a graphic designer and blogger during her leisure hours. The young woman, passionate about recycling and decoration, undertook the renovation in 2015 of the bathroom reserved for guests in order to give it a more cozy style. The room was stamped in the 70s colors from floor to ceiling and did not please the young woman or her husband. After several weeks of work, a little recuperation and a lot of tricks, this small bathroom without style was offered a shock lifting and now sports a neo-rustic look of the most successful.

Erase the total 70's look

Before: When Jenna Sue acquired this beautiful country house, everything had to be reviewed on the decor side. Although the house is clean and well maintained, the style and furnishings created by the former owners are no longer up to date! In the guest bathroom, beige-rosé reigns supreme and takes precedence over all the elements. From floor to ceiling, including the vanity top and decorative accessories, we only see him! Jenna Sue therefore decides to break the existing elements (bathtub, tiles, etc.) and to put everything back flat to inject a new retro-inspired look into the room.
After : The room no longer looks like it was originally: the old elements have disappeared in favor of a much warmer and current atmosphere. Jenna and her husband made sure to break the smooth appearance - a bit kitsch - of the old elements by betting on wood, which is now available in all its forms. The couple opted for a nice paneling in celadon green tones for the wall. As for the floor, it is adorned with cement tiles with retro patterns that harmonize perfectly with the new decoration. Jenna and her husband were finally able to install the items they had found over the months (vintage desk, cast iron bathtub with lion's feet…) after having patiently restored them. The recovered spirit is present throughout the room through many elements, and brings to the decoration the touch of authenticity that it lacked. Between the palette diverted into a towel rack, the weathered board that has become a shelf and the desk-basin, Jenna and her husband have shown great imagination in transforming old elements and giving them a second life.

A harmonious decoration

Before : Although the decoration of the bathroom is completely obsolete, the room displays an undeniable unity in terms of colors and style. It is therefore difficult for new owners to add their own decoration personality.
After : Jenna opted for neutral tones associated with soft colors for her bathroom: the room is harmonious and now invites you to relax! The young woman took care of the smallest details of her decoration in order to keep this shabby / vintage mixture that was close to her heart. Thus, the shower curtains were made from a large piece of lace; the soap dispenser is a custom food storage jar and the vanity unit is an old desk, simply sanded and weathered. This neo-rustic atmosphere finds ideal expression in Jenna's country house, while offering a warm and relaxing space to the couple's guests. More info on Jenna Sue's blog.