Before / After: Transform a bedroom and a bathroom into a large bathroom

Before / After: Transform a bedroom and a bathroom into a large bathroom

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Haussmann-style apartments have the particularity of presenting certain rooms in a row, a configuration not appreciated today. Doors pile up, forcing individuals to juggle interior design! In this large apartment located on avenue Carnot in Paris, the owners wanted to completely revise the layout of the spaces to transform the two adjoining rooms into a beautiful master suite. They called on the architect agency Texier & Soulas to redesign the rooms, make the technical modifications and give life to a large bathroom with a contemporary look! Explanations in pictures.

Rethinking the direction of traffic

Before : When this beautiful Haussmannian style apartment is bought by new owners, they immediately call on the architects of the Texier & Soulas agency to remodel it. The accommodation has indeed remained in its juice for many years and deserves a real facelift! The layout of the rooms and the outdated style absolutely do not match the tastes of the couple: the latter wants a brighter living environment, associated with a refined and contemporary decoration. The main problem lies in the configuration of the adjoining rooms and the adjoining bathroom, which are impractical on a daily basis. The couple would like to rearrange the spaces so that one of the bedrooms is transformed into a large bathroom. He could thus benefit from a private toilet space much more pleasant than the tiny existing bathroom, dark and poorly appointed ... With its small sink and obsolete bidet, it is indeed not usable as it is. Sophie Texier and Emilie Soulas, the two architects in charge of the project, first examine the different possibilities offered by the layout of the premises, before opting for the removal of the bathroom. By knocking down the partition that separates it from the bedroom, the architects create a beautiful surface that will be transformed into a bathroom of generous proportions. The adjoining bedroom will simply be redecorated and the couple will be able to move from one room to another with ease.
After : After several weeks of work, the result goes beyond the expectations of the owners: they now have a bright and modern bathroom, much more spacious than what they had originally planned. For practical reasons, the two doors framing the old chimney are closed. This modification allows the architects to use the entire length of the new wall to create a beautiful set dedicated to the toilet and storage. Opposite this island there is now a large walk-in shower and a straight bathtub in XXL dimensions. Traffic is now done lengthwise, with only one access door to enter and exit the room (instead of three previously). The architects have bet on simplicity to make the interior design much more functional.

Bring in the light

Before : The bathroom is at the bottom of one of the two bedrooms, open to the outside via a frosted glass window that barely lets in natural light. Inside, the former owners installed a small sink and a bidet, which do not meet the needs of an active young couple! This last dream of a practical and bright toilet space.
After : Sophie Texier and Emilie Soulas decided to transform the bedroom and the tiny bathroom entirely into a large bathroom. The window frames, totally worn by time, are changed; the walls now sport a beautiful off-white hue that reflects outside light and increases the clarity of the room. Combined with the blond wood of the cupboards, it gives the new bathroom a soft and refreshing atmosphere. Still in this search for luminosity, a coating with iridescent effects is placed on the back wall located opposite the windows: this very contemporary material brings relief to the decoration while giving the impression of micro-mirrors reflecting light. The shower walls are transparent and also let the outside light circulate ... The new bathroom is now keeping its promises and suggests beautiful moments of relaxation!
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