Before / after: transform any bathroom into a minimalist and design room

Before / after: transform any bathroom into a minimalist and design room

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French people are spending more and more time in the bathroom every day. Over the decades, this small room has abandoned its cold and functional aspect to make way for a beautiful space with neat decoration. If many styles have had the wind in their sails (seaside, nature, chic a bit ostentatious…), it is now the clean and Zen atmospheres which are preferred by individuals. Here is a fine example of transformation, where minimalism takes on its full dimension.

Erase the 80s style

Before : When the architect Marianne Amodio studies for the first time the configuration of this bathroom, everything has to be reviewed on the decor side. Although the room is clean and maintained, the atmosphere is no longer up to date! Between the golden fittings and the pale pink patterned tiles, the owners - a young couple from Vancouver - no longer identify with this decoration marked in the 80s. They dream of a bright, spacious and uncluttered room. The second problem concerns the shower cubicle, caught in a vice between the entrance wall and the bathtub: the space is very dark and hardly makes you want to relax! The owners want to make the most of the natural light in the room and ensure that each space is bathed in the sun's rays during the day.
After : Blush on the bathroom, whose configuration has been completely redesigned. The new piece is now full of light and minimalist style. As in most of his projects, the Canadian architect Marianne Amodio favored the clean lines and the simplicity of the materials. The immaculate metro tiling undoubtedly holds the spotlight, available in several versions to delimit the different spaces. The new bathroom, fresh and graphic, now includes a double sink, storage cupboards, a straight bathtub and a generously-sized shower cabin. The latter has benefited from a real facelift and sports large glass walls: an ideal compromise to allow outside light to circulate from the windows and the skylight located just above.

Materials that make the difference

Before : Very popular in the 70s and 80s, tiling in bold colors (pink, navy blue or even olive green) is now completely obsolete. The simplest and least expensive solution to camouflage it is to cover it with several coats of special paint. However, this is not the solution chosen by Marianne Amodio, who decided, in agreement with the owners, to completely break the existing configuration to renovate the bathroom from A to Z.
After : Marianne Amodio has completely erased the traces of the old room in order to rearrange the spaces and cover them with new coatings in tune with the times. On the ground, the Canadian architect chose waxed concrete for its design and ease of maintenance. The walls are tinged with a pretty off-white associated with metro tiles. White reigns supreme, and only the blond wood of the cupboards shakes up this beautiful harmony. More info on