Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I declutter and sort my kitchen cupboards

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I declutter and sort my kitchen cupboards

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First day of challenge that I inaugurate with a very important step, the sorting and cleaning of kitchen cupboards. To begin, I would like to give some advice to respect the time limit. In 15 minutes of cleaning, we can do a lot… or very little! To achieve your goal, all the minutes must be entirely dedicated to work. Have everything you need and your cleaning products close at hand. In the case of sorting the cabinets, I advise you to prepare in advance a sprayer with your cleaning product, paper towel, a microfiber wipe, an empty bin and a vacuum cleaner. To be most effective, I also invite you to use a timer: the motivation to finish before the bell announcing the past 15 minutes will help you stay focused and get to the point (normally). Finally, for this part concerning the sorting of cupboards, also provide empty boxes and jars which will be used to optimize storage.

Declutter dishes cupboards

We start with what seems to me the simplest: the cupboards which contain the crockery and the kitchen utensils. The idea is to empty the cupboards, starting with the top ones (as a rule, storage and cleaning are always done from top to bottom). We take this opportunity to offload by eliminating any chipped plates or the old mustard jars that once served as glasses. After 15 minutes, I realize that I have only made 9 shelves which is very far from the mark. To be honest, I still have ¾ of the space to store and clean up. The expected time is therefore far from reality, I will try to have this in mind for the next few days even if it means reviewing our timetable. On the other hand what was done was done well and I got rid of 6 mugs, 15 plates and 2 dishes. I was able to recover a shelf out of the 9 that were sorted. I rediscovered glasses forgotten at the bottom of a cupboard and which deserve a second life. I will think the next few days to show you how nice decluttering is with before / after photos.

Sort food cupboards efficiently

Well after the 15 minutes, I attack the cupboards that contain the food. These are the subject of more particular attention on my part (just to avoid poisoning). I also put them away a short time ago with a shelf for sugar, a shelf for salty and a shelf for duplicates. The idea of ​​storing the products available in multiple copies in a particular place was actually a very bad idea, I ended up forgetting what I had in stock and I bought back products already purchased. I am again in a more random arrangement (in short, depending on the place). I have long admired hyper organized cupboards with boxes for each food. Today I came back. Firstly, because you have to be very organized yourself to always fill up properly, but also because the boxes get dirty while a package is thrown away. Today I am divided between the desire to multiply the storage boxes and the fear of spending my time cleaning them. Starting to sort the food, I wonder how the disorganization managed to come back so quickly: a packet of pasta in the sweet department, three packets of round rice (when I only make rice cakes once an) and countless canned sardines. Basically it is not very serious because these foods will still be consumed one day but in the meantime they occupy a space that I would really need, if only to see clearly!

Lessons to be learned

I have to throw away what is chipped and broken : it's ugly and then it's dangerous. When I think about it, there is no valid reason to keep broken dishes (while my beautiful plates collect dust at the bottom of a cupboard). No sentimentality otherwise you are screwed up. Always check your stock before buying anything : no need to clutter with the same food in several copies. We pile up, we no longer see what we really have and it's a mess! I don't set unreachable goals : cleaning is a tolerable task as long as it does not last too long. This is the reason why we opted for this duration of 15 minutes. Unfortunately I was very optimistic imagining that it was possible to sort all of its shelves in 15 minutes. I therefore advise you to limit yourself to sorting the cupboards on the first day, you will see that the 15 minutes pass very (too!) Quickly. I use "modern" tools : I saved precious time by using the vacuum cleaner with a long squeegee for all the dust and crumbs lying around in the cupboards.
Examples of useless bulky items: a fake luminous ice cube that no longer works and two cardboard ice cream jars in case I want to become an ice cream seller. I'll meet you tomorrow to make a spell for small household appliances that clog slowly but surely in the kitchen. A word of advice: bring a good stock of white vinegar!