Which plants for a detox tea?

Which plants for a detox tea?

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Like every spring, you schedule the big cleaning of your interior. You put away, clean and leave on a good basis. Like every spring you also think about your future vacation and your line. And if in this spring, you opt for a detox. This cure, which can last a few days, will allow you to purify your body and recharge your batteries. How to do it ? To find out, we contacted Patricia Leray, naturopath, trainer and lecturer in healthy living in Angers.

What is a detox?

A detox is a cure which, as the name suggests, detoxifies the body. This one is subjected to numerous aggressions on a daily basis such as stress, fatigue, poor diet, physical inactivity or even pollution. Twice a year, it must be helped by carrying out a detox cure. This must be accompanied by the introduction of new lifestyle measures.

Are you telling us that we need to do two detoxes a year? Explain to us?

Indeed, it is recommended to do two detox cures per year. The first is done in the spring, it targets the liver functions and therefore the liver. The plants to favor for spring detox are dandelion, birch sap, thistle, rosemary and chrysantellum. In the fall, detox targets kidney functions and therefore the kidneys. The plants to favor are different since we put again on the birch sap, the juniper, the piloselle and the heather.

How to properly use the detox infusion?

You must get the plants you want to use as part of your detox and then make your infusions in accordance with the recommended dosages. For your infusion-based detox to be beneficial, you should drink at least 3 large cups each day.

Are there any plants to avoid?

Yes, avoid all plants and draining infusions. The latter are only content to attack the water present in the body. This is useful and should not be reduced! Most often, people who opt for a draining cure end their detox very tired. So there is no point.

You advised us to put in place lifestyle measures, how to do it?

In fact, in addition to detox, you must put in place lifestyle measures. This requires a balanced diet in which industrial foods or those that are not adapted to our body have no place. For example, prefer waters with dry residues less than 100 and opt for the supplementary single diet. This consists of making fruit, vegetable and herb cocktails in order to boost your body and provide it with all the nutrients it needs.

Are there contradictions to detox?

Yes, you should avoid starting a detox if you are tired. If a few days after the start of the treatment fatigue sets in, stop immediately. It is that your organism does not support.