How to organize your office to be more productive?

How to organize your office to be more productive?

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At work, everyone has their own little routine: the hour at which they prefer to have lunch, break times, the most productive hours and above all, an organization of their own office. This last element is one of the keys to efficiency. The way you use and physically invest your workspace influences the way you work. We tend to judge colleagues based on the state of their office, because it says a lot about the personality of the employee and his vision of work. Since you spend most of your day at your desk, you might as well feel good about it: studies have shown that this increases productivity. Editing gives you advice on how to get there.

A tidy desk

A tidy desk is the basis. Details can make a big difference in how you approach your work: being well-lit and having a clean work environment are some of them. So a little organization does not hurt: the sorted files suggest someone serious, whose desire to show its efficiency is reflected on the desktop. Organizing your office does not only reflect the image of work under control: if everything is in its place, it allows you to see more clearly. Likewise, a little sorting among the many windows open on your computer will clarify your ideas. However, that doesn't mean that your office should look like a museum! Bringing some life is to develop creativity. Let's say that disorder is tolerated if it is organized: you must find your way around it. Having everything close at hand gives an impression of profusion, which fosters creativity.

A flowery desk

The presence of greenery on the desk contributes to a balance, it makes the workspace less cold and sanitized. Green plants in the working environment improve productivity, especially as the green color itself develops creativity. A maintained plant also reflects a desire to improve this working environment and therefore to invest more. Be careful all the same that your office does not become a jungle either, you should not clutter the space too much. And conversely, leaving dead or desiccated plants gives the cockroach and a bad image.

A personalized office

Having pictures of loved ones helps reduce stress and negative thoughts. Watching something familiar is particularly reassuring. In this case, the photos create a balance between the professional and personal aspects of life. Likewise, you can find a little bit of yourself on your desk, make it your own by placing a few small decorative objects, putting on funny office accessories, or having something to snack on in your drawer. Beyond the aesthetics or the comfort that it can provide, these elements give a boost when needed.

An appropriate position

We can never repeat it enough, the position of the body is essential to work effectively. The way you sit in your chair influences your productivity. As a reminder, try to maintain this position as much as possible: your feet must be flat on the ground, so avoid crossing your legs, the screen must be positioned at eye level, keep it at a certain distance in order to tire your eyes slower and finally, keep your back as straight as possible. The secret is to remember and correct it throughout the day, no one will do it for you. Having good posture improves productivity because it allows you to be more focused.

Stay focused

Depending on the case, listening to music can make you want to work, relax and improve your mood, but can also slow down and distract you for certain more complex tasks. Likewise, drinking, snacking or simply chewing can restart the machine in the event of a drop in speed. As long as you do not go to the extreme and your office does not turn into an open space grocery store, where your depressed colleagues will come to stock up and seek comfort, it is even advisable to refocus. Human is good, but beware of wasting time. Remember to give yourself time off during the day, nothing better than a coffee to find good ideas! You now have the keys to work in optimal conditions. It's your turn !