Sense, the alarm clock that helps you sleep better

Sense, the alarm clock that helps you sleep better

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The panel of connected objects continues to grow. The latest is a "tracker" alarm clock launched by the company Hello. This small object will help you understand what is affecting your sleep using a simple chip connected to your Smartphone. Explanations.

Everything is recorded

It is the new companion for sleeping properly. With several sensors, the Sense Réveil tracks your sleep throughout the night. It monitors your environment taking into account noise, humidity, snoring, light, and particles around you. The idea is to inform users, so that they can remedy these nuisances. The advantage is that this small object is able to record several sleep cycles at the same time, this function will surely delight couples.

Discreet and aesthetic design

Sense works in pairs with an activity sensor as large as a tablet. You will simply have to fix it on your pillow or your mattress so that it can be ready to record. The Sense is a white or black sphere, the size of a golf ball that you can place wherever you want. Thanks to its discreet and aesthetic design, this alarm clock adapts to any interior, from contemporary to old style. Like any connected object, the entire system is controlled from a dedicated application compatible with iOS and Android, which receives data from the sensors and pays them to users.
Price: 117 euros