5 grandmother tips to get rid of food mites

5 grandmother tips to get rid of food mites

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Contain an invasion of food mites in your kitchen

The first thing to do in case ofinvasion of food mites At home is to start by throwing away the infested products, then to clean all the cupboards of your kitchen with soapy water. Then rinse them with clean water before performing a final cleaning with white vinegar to sanitize everything 100%.

Little tip to prevent the appearance of food mites in your home: store your food in glass jars well sealed. In addition to being aesthetic, this solution is inexpensive and will protect your food products from moths. It's time to recycle your jars of jam or spread!

Tip 1: bet on the spices

This is not a very well-known piece of information, but food mites are not very fond of strong smells, and certain scents even make them flee!

To avoid an invasion of mites in the kitchen, do not hesitate to decorate your cupboards with sachets garnished with lavender, bay leaves or thyme. Guaranteed Provencal atmosphere in your kitchen (which is still more pleasant (and cheaper) than the smell of a commercial chemical insecticide).

Tip 2: think about essential oils

As explained above, food mites are animals that do not particularly like strong natural odors.

If you want to avoid crossing it one day in your kitchen, you can therefore also mix in a spray a few drops of very fragrant essential oils (such as essential oil of eucalyptus, lemongrass or even peppermint) with clear water, before spraying the inside of your cupboards, drawers, and even kitchen walls and ceilings. Fearsome!

Tip 3: trust the freezer!

If you have any doubts about the presence of food mites on an edible product that you have just acquired, there is a simple and effective solution to protect yourself from any future invasion: place the food product in the freezer for at least one day to destroy any eggs.

Tip 4: garlic, an unstoppable weapon against food mites

Garlic is not only a condiment capable of keeping vampires away: it is also very effective in fight against the presence of food mites in a kitchen! If you have spotted unwanted items in your kitchen cupboards or drawers, then it is in your best interest to place a few cloves of garlic to scare them away.

Tip 5: the pheromone trap

The pheromone traps are accessories easily found in organic stores and supermarkets: they are absolutely non-toxic and can be used all year round - preventively and curatively - against invasions of food mites.

The principle of operation of this type of trap is simple: the plate soaked in sex pheromones will attract the male mites which will get stuck there and consequently die. As a result, females can no longer be fertilized, and lay their eggs in your food. Note: this type of trap lasts six to 12 weeks maximum.