Pastel trend: softness in your interior

Pastel trend: softness in your interior

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From the bedroom to the living room, decorate your interior with a seasonal palette: pastel colors. Relaxing and light, these nuances of vaporous colors will cover your room with a veil of freshness. Follow these few decor tips to get a taste of vacation in your home.

Spring color

Transform your interior and opt for a palette of pastel colors on your sofas, like those from MADE.COM. Soft and refreshing, these seasonal colors will dress your space with elegance and lightness. Pistachio green, sunflower yellow, sky blue or sugared pink, this soft blend of shades will bring your decor to life in any room.

Relaxing decor

In addition to being refreshing, this trend is a source of serenity. By subtle touches on your household linen, in total harmony with your accessories or covering your designer furniture with delicacy, these reassuring colors will bring a calm and restful atmosphere to the heart of your interior. A nice way to make your room breathe with originality.

Versatile color chart

The pastels will adapt to any room with delicacy and allow you to enlarge your space by adding relief. These subtle shades will easily marry a color chart of acidulous colors, especially with the tones of electric red, sun yellow or turquoise blue. What get an energizing and harmonious cocktail that smells like spring. Ideal for dressing up your bedroom, reviving your living room or enhancing your bathroom in the blink of an eye.
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