20 minutes to make your home presentable before your guests arrive

20 minutes to make your home presentable before your guests arrive

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Today you have only one thing in mind: dinner with friends planned at your house tonight. Everything was planned, you were going home earlier from work so you could put yourself in the kitchen and do the bit of cleaning (the one you had promised to do the day before). You could already imagine yourself impressing your guests with the cleanliness of your apartment and the delicious smell coming from the kitchen. It was without counting on this never-ending last minute meeting. Goodbye to the excellent homemade dinner ... A quick visit to the frozen supermarket department, you're finally home. 20 minutes before the arrival of your guests. Nothing is ready and you start to panic ... No problem, here is how to make your home presentable in a flash.

D-20 min: express storage

Catch whatever is lying around your house, from the pile of magazines you read a hundred times to the bowl of morning cereal and "hide" it where you can. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn them. Close everything that can be closed: the kitchen cupboards, the bedroom wardrobe, the coffee table drawer, the bathroom door… This is better. Don't sit down, the marathon is not over!

D-15 min: farewell, dust and small dirt

Grab your feather duster and remove all visible dust in the living room (knick-knacks, TV tv stand, etc.). Did it only take you two and a half minutes? Arm yourself with your vacuum cleaner and focus on the living room, since this is where your guests will stay the longest.

D-10 min: take care of appearances

The first impression counts a lot. Make the entrance to your home look presentable. Remove the overflow of hanging coats, the heap of shoes therein, stuff everything in your bedroom wardrobe and shut the door. In the bedroom, slip your pajamas under the sheets and fold the duvet over the pillows.

D-5 min: the final touches

You only have five minutes left. Put your frozen dish in the oven so that a good smell welcomes your hungry guests. In the living room, light pretty candles on the coffee table and start a nice playlist. Leave only a few lights on for a subdued atmosphere (dim light is your best friend of the evening). It rings the doorbell ? Do not panic, everything is ready. Smile and go open.