Marble in all its forms

Marble in all its forms

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Is it its incredible longevity, its innate elegance or our renewed enthusiasm for natural materials? Whatever the reason, marble offers a second youth in decoration. Forget the prejudices: this limestone-derived rock is not only reserved for luxurious interiors and classic styles. Marble and its imitations adapt to the most modern decorations and bring them a touch of authenticity. On the floor, on the walls or in the backsplash, marble is invited throughout the house!

Marble, a material with a thousand facets

White Carrara marble, pink from Portugal, turquin blue from Italy… There are many different marbles in various colors, from white to black, passing by beige or gray with more or less pronounced veining. A favorite material in Antiquity, marble is the very symbol of luxury in interior architecture. And if it is rarely financially possible to afford a real marble paving, many imitations allow today to be tempted by its elegance. The beauty of marble inspires: mass-colored porcelain stoneware with a marble or synthetic marble appearance is multiplying and offers great possibilities for use in decoration.

Marble in the kitchen

A pure marble worktop is too fragile, it is rather advisable to opt for an imitation that will resist stains better and will remain easy to maintain. Most of the time it is marble look laminate, which can be found in all shades, including black veined white or white veined dark green, Guatemala green marble. Corian is also well suited to cooking: this resin made of mineral powder and acrylic resin perfectly imitates marble and other natural stones. The advantage of Corian: a worktop that takes all forms, in one piece with the sink. Ideal if you want a modern decor with round lines, a matching kitchen bar, etc.

In the bathroom, marble is king

Real marble, thanks to a water-repellent treatment which protects it from stains and humidity, easily finds its place in the bathroom: from the floor to the walls via the splashback or even as a coating for baths or basins. We will however avoid the “all marble” style in too small rooms where it could overload the decor. On the other hand, fine mosaic friezes in aged or imitation marble can very easily be inserted in small spaces to give a chic tone to the bathroom. Imitation side, there are beautiful coatings (floor and walls) in high pressure laminate special bathroom, lighter to install and less expensive.

Living room: marble from floor to ceiling!

XXL slabs of white marble veined in black or in chocolate, beige or gray tones: this is the trend of the moment for living rooms wishing to adorn themselves with marble. The imitations, here too, are particularly interesting: the mass-colored porcelain stoneware offers the closest appearance to natural stone and makes it possible to create a chic atmosphere without being austere thanks to the warm hues. To break the monotony of large marbled surfaces, opt for friezes in contrasting colors: white on black, beige on brown…

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