3 simple tips to save water in the toilet

3 simple tips to save water in the toilet

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Nine liters! Here is the amount of water drained each time you flush. And when you know that it is drinking water, the idea of ​​finding a few tips to avoid all this mess becomes obvious. The editorial staff therefore offers 3 little tips to set up at home to save water and thus see the bill fall.

Tip n ° 1: decrease the tank capacity

No need to be a DIY expert to reduce the tank capacity at home. You just have to place a filled bottle of water in it so that it stays at the bottom. Each filling will therefore save 1.5 liters! You can also try the experiment with a brick. The only problem is that the latter will tend to crumble over time and the particles may hinder the system.

Tip # 2: set the float down

And yes ! By changing the curvature of the float rod, by tilting it down for example, you can significantly reduce your water consumption in the toilet with each flush. Be careful not to place the float too low as this may prevent the valve from closing!

Tip 3: replace your traditional tank

Last tip that can help you save water: change your classic tank with a double-touch flush. The latter allows you to choose between two volumes of water to deliver just as effective, 6 or 3 liters. If this technique will ask you for a small budget (count around fifty euros), the investment will quickly pay off!