Couple story: how to distribute household chores?

Couple story: how to distribute household chores?

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"Honey, you've been taking out the trash for two days, are you waiting for me to do it for you? And the dishes still lying in the sink ..." Here is the painting. You know, don't you? Rest assured, many of us do. In a couple, there is always one who is more involved in household chores and who finds that the other does not do enough at home. Without making generalizations, it is still often women who stick to it. So how do you remedy one-sided efforts? The editorial staff of dé gives you their advice for a fair distribution of household tasks and a good deal!

Tip # 1. Leave everything to the other

No in fact after reflection, it is not very fair as a method. As long as there is one who is twiddling his thumbs, there is assured conflict.

Tip # 2. Cunning like a Sioux

Sometimes you have to be tricky to make the other understand that he could put his own in it. So you can leave a few crumbs and stains in the background or leave the dishes lying around in the hope that the other will understand that it's time to wash them. If there is no longer a single clean plate, nor a corner of the table available, even when bitching, your other half will come into action. He hates the contact of the wet sponge? You can have pre-soaked wipes everywhere. Or buy funny household accessories like humorous gloves or a broom in psychedelic colors. In general, these tips work because cleaning becomes child's play!

Tip # 3. Choose and share tasks according to your preferences

Sharing tasks is better when it is adapted to everyone's tastes and skills. To each his activity, like that more doubt on who should do what. Nobody is frustrated, since it is a choice. If you try to be complementary, everything will be easier.

Tip # 4. Establish a schedule

If you do not agree, establish a schedule by tasks for the week. We take up the good habits of the student roommate: a weekly table of each person's tasks and cleaning rounds taped on the fridge. But don't be too rigid either: absolute sharing is not possible every time, or at the cost of arguments and frustrations. And this is not the intended result. You are not robots then the military atmosphere at home, we forget. No need to keep apothecary accounts! Nothing is written in stone, you have to adapt to the unexpected.

Tip # 5. Alternating is the key

Do as much one as the other, each in turn: in this way, no litigation possible. We apply the logical law of alternation. Being interchangeable in household chores makes life easier. There is no reason why it should always be the same one who sticks to it for the most repulsive tasks.

Tip # 6. Team up

Teaming up is key, because two people go faster. It is therefore in your best interest to combine your efforts in small chores as in large trials. Cleaning is not an easy task, but there is no need to rebalance the tasks since we do them in pairs. Be careful not to come to pass the broom with four hands ...

Tip # 7. Housework a fun time

Make the cleaning stage a moment of bond, whether in music, in the form of a game or in a sexy cleaning. Your house will be clean, your couple will be close and the time for chores will pass faster! You can also listen to a program of France culture history to cultivate yourself by making the dust.
Each couple has their own way of working so choose the one that suits you best. One watchword: it must shine!