Frozen ground, snow…: tips for moving around your garden or balcony safely

Frozen ground, snow…: tips for moving around your garden or balcony safely

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Global warming is omnipresent in the news. However each winter we experience episodes of extreme cold including frosts or snow. During the winter season, it is more difficult to move around safely in your garden, on your terrace or on your balcony. How to do ? The editorial team advises you!

Good habits to take

If you live in an area with strong winters, you should get into the habit of clearing snow from your driveways and your patio. Thus, in the event of frost, the snow carpet will not turn into ice. Specific shovels and brooms are available for easy snow removal. Vigilance is essential with the little ones. Our toddlers do not always have the notion of danger, we must explain to them that the ground is slippery and that they cannot run as they please. Remember to wear them well and above all, accompany them while they take their marks.

Choosing the right coatings

To limit the risk of falling in winter, choose the right coating on the terrace as on the balcony. There are tiles designed to withstand the cold. In addition to lasting over time, these soils limit the accumulation of moisture. They are less slippery when it snows, freezes or rains!

A garden under the snow

When a carpet of snow covers the garden, it is best not to go there. In fact, in addition to the risk of falling, you risk stepping on your flower beds. If you have no choice, it is imperative to put on your shoes. Put on après-ski is the best option but you can also opt for garden boots or sneakers. Avoid the flat soles that will make you slip. In general, try to stay on the aisles and walk on the fresh snow, the snow already packed by the steps can be very slippery.

The terrace becomes an ice rink

In the garden, in winter, the terrace can be dangerous. When it snows or freezes, the terrace is very slippery and the risk of falling very high. The best is still to limit access. Putting on suitable shoes and moving around slowly are safety measures to respect if you have to go to your terrace.